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About me

My name is Maria Galgau, Lawyer registered in Madrid and International Lawyer registered in Brussels, ready to offer professional legal services at the highest standards.

International markets, multiculturalism, multinational companies, cross nations interests, migration, international marriages /divorce, international taxation and so on, represent a growing reality to which Lawyers from all around the world must adapt. If becoming a Lawyer has always been difficult, being an international Lawyer is even more difficult. The skills required, knowledge and different languages makes International advising extremely difficult.

After spending over 14 years in the field, I have a good understanding of the International environment, the challenges of cross border issues and the problems a person or company may face in a foreign Country. And, in order to offer professional results and be able to face the ever-changing needs of individuals travelling, moving or living abroad, companies  operating at an international level, and lots of other cross border issues, I offer my services in order to do this process as smooth as possible for you.

How can I help you?

As I have a double profile, both a Lawyer and International Business Consultant, I can assist you with a variety of legal services including:

Immigration Services
Work & Residence Permits
International Mobility & Relocation Services

Real Estate Purchases & Sales
Commercial & Residential Lettings
Eviction Proceedings
Debt Collection & Recovery
Business Set-up & Support
Contract Drafting
Contractual Disputes
International Trade
International Business Law
International Transports & Logistics
Due Diligence
International Tax Law
Divorce & Family Law
Inheritance & Donations

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I invite you to CONTACT me and comment me any legal problem you may have. I  will help you solve any kind of legal questions and doubts.

Thank you for your trust!

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